Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ordering on a party

It is very easy.

(It may help to open the catalog file before you begin and look at the products in the catalog and the monogramming guide on the last page)

When you are ready:
1. Click on "shop on line".
2. Pick the party of your shopping choice.
3. Start adding orders.
4. When you are complete, go to the checkout.
5. If you are in town with your hostess, click on "Ship to Hostess" and this will save you a little in shipping.
6. If you are ordering on a party out of town, do not ship it to hostess and include your own mailing address.
7. Go to payment options when you are finished. After you are done adding your cc number or debit card, make sure you save the order. You should get a final message telling you that your order has been saved for your hostess' party.

Please e-mail me if you need help. I do not mind putting your order in for you over the phone. Your order is very important to me. Without you, I have no business!!

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